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Independent Music Promotion Strategies working in 2020

Independent Music Promotion Strategies working in 2019
There is no point recording some interesting sounds or shooting mind-blowing videos without laid down plans on how to market or promote these songs to be able to reach the target audience needed for growth, except you are into production for the fun of it.

Since every artist aim to sell, I am going to share with you some proven ways through which you can market your music today without depending on record label endorsement or outrageous funding before you can act.

Focus on making good music fans would like

If you get it wrong at this stage, every other step taken to reach prospects to listen to your song becomes hard.

Having in mind the kind of listeners you target and the type of song they like, you need to make sure at this stage that you are producing a well written lyrics having this melodious rhythm that flows with the beat. At the same time, the sound must be well mixed, mastered and produced by competent and talented hands in the industry (I am talking about Magic Fingers).

Once you have conquered the product based challenges, the next thing is to begin talking about how to get music lovers to pre hear this song you believe so much in. Of course there is love at first sight, but some good sounds need air plays to get registered as an interesting hit in the memory of these people.

Aim to perform live on stage

Meet and negotiate with events planners around you to afford you the opportunity to showcase your talents even if it means doing it free of charge. The problem you need to tackle here is in impressing the show promoter at first instance. This may have to do with playing your already recorded sounds for him or her to listen to. If your song is convincing enough, you’re on your way to live performance.

While performing, utilize such chances to the fullest, make the event a memorable one to the extent that the attendees would wish to see you one more time.

Launch your website to inform your followers better

A website is needed to serve as a reliable “go to” for you music career. Using this website, you can tell your story better by updating and informing your fan base on most frequently asked questions that relate to your business. This could be answers to questions like your Biography, Videos, Tours, Net worth, Photos and many more crazy inquiries fans maybe interested in.

In fact, one of the advantages of having a website is that you can get to include a mailing option where your followers can input their email for possible updates as regards your recent releases.

When your site users subscribe to your news feed, it means they want to hear from you. You can do this by sending messages direct to their email inbox about your latest drops or upcoming tour. These updates are much more likely to reach them than a social posts which are usually restricted by the platform’s reach policies.

Your site should be given your brand name which should be short and easily memorable. Try to optimize your site presence on the search engines to reach an even wider audience.

Market your songs on Social Media

Some music artists tend to neglect one of the things it takes to breakthrough in this digital age where the internet through social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alongside other outlets have succeeded in making the world a small global village with information traveling even faster than the speed of light, this of course leads to more engagements and feedbacks.

As an artiste with little budget, you can leverage ads campaigns from anyone of the platform to reach industry die hards by targeting the specific regions or set of people. One good thing about social media campaigns is they are cheap compared to the benefits the artist stands to gain.

The artist need to devote his or her time to chat with fans, educate and inform them based on his or her career progress, encourage them to tweet, like and share his or her posts to friends and friends of friends. If efficiently done, the artist will get even more popular by the day.

Feature on Blogs and Press Releases

You can contact relevant bloggers or journalists to carry your contents. Although most times, this does not work except if you’re willing to pay some money to get it done.
In all, any recommendation you get from anyone of these blogs or media houses serves as an authoritative approval of your music to be fit for listening.

Media attention or coverage can be gotten by going controversial about it, organizing press conferences or being referred by influential individuals in the industry.

Most Blogs on the other hand house millions of users who visit these blogs every day in order to get updated as to the recent entries in the industry. These recent entries they are looking for could be new songs or raw talents yet unnoticed.

Get Authorities in Music Business to recommend you

This is another offline or in some cases online effort to getting your songs heard or videos watched. As a musician, attending parties, ceremonies, events and shows can get you connected to more peple than you may imagine. These people range from passionate fans to music producers, instrumental beat makers, singers, song writers, video directors, make up artists and many more.

By connecting with them, you have better chances of being picked up, recommended or even directly promoted.

Some other avenues to explore in oder to solidify your strategies are below:

Partner and work with other brands in the industry

Figure out the kind of songs fans like, their favorite lines and sing more of them

Make videos and upload them to your Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts

In conclusion, promoting your songs independently has not been that easy, because it needs a dedicated fellow to successfully carry out. But with the steps I shared above, your work will be much easier for you as an upcoming artist in the music industry today.

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