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Wordz – Organs [Music]

Organs mp3 download is a hot music by Wordz having this lyrics that flow free with the beat.

Organs mp3 Gist

Nice song from Wordz, though he’s not trying to describe the parts that makeup the human body.

Wordz - Organs

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Genre Afro pop
Year 2020.02.13 01:55:27 pm

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Word – Organs lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Bring the organ in, yeah

[Verse 1]
Look, not trying to be who you want me to be
It’s kinda feeling aimless and dangerous
I Phone buzzing like it’s all for the angel dust
Dropping sick verses
Seeing doctors on the regular, I’m telling ya

Bring the organ in

[Verse 2]
You rappers so adorable
Masking pure fact that your music ain’t audible
So psyched that we here together
But it’s so sad that we won’t meet at the pinnacle
Blue skies and a lot of sleepless nights
And my eyes so Chinese like I boarded off a flight
Be wary of the people outside
They might try to take your life
Say your prayers for tonight, for tonight
Yeah, say your prayers for tonight
And I’m sounding kinda cocky for you virgins on sight
I should draw the line on this one
She gon’ probably try to cross it half the time
If there is one
It’s the rubberband inauguration with hesitation
No telling how far we could take it
You hopping on the wave that we created
No use in that debating
I’m just glad you niggas motivated, shit

Bring the organ in.

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